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  • Guide to play Score Betting in Football Betting

    Posted by macgai on September 29, 2023 at 6:43 am

    Score betting is a very popular method in online football betting. It’s quite simple: players make predictions about the total number of goals that the bookmaker will set odds on and then place their bets accordingly. If the betting odds match the actual score of both teams, it’s considered a winning bet.

    To maximize profits when you win, it’s essential to choose a reputable bookmaker.

    So, what skills are needed for score betting? How do you play the odds? How can you be effective and consistently win? All of these questions will be answered in the detailed article below.

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    Score Betting Method in Football Betting


    This is a way to predict the score of a football match. Players participate by predicting the total number of goals and placing their bets accordingly.

    The result is known immediately after the match ends. The total number of goals determines whether the player wins or loses.

    If it matches the actual match result, you win money; otherwise, you lose money.

    According to statistics, the majority of football bettors choose this type of bet. It’s simple and saves time. You don’t need to know how the match unfolds; you just need to wait until it’s over to see money in your account.

    +Calculating Winnings for Score Betting

    For score betting, bookmakers use a common formula to calculate winnings:


    Most online bookmakers apply this formula in football betting. From this, you can quickly calculate how much money you’ll receive if you win.

    Experience for Winning Money in Score Betting

    To beat the bookmakers and make money from them, you need to learn from experienced bettors.

    Here are some excellent strategies for score betting:

    +Follow the Over/Under Odds

    Most matches are based on over/under odds for score betting. According to experienced bettors, the majority of over/under odds provided by bookmakers closely match the total number of goals scored at the end of the match. This allows you to have a partial understanding of what the predicted score might be.

    +Based on Various Factors

    Many different factors can influence the score of a match. Players need to observe and research information before deciding on the appropriate betting odds.

    Team form

    Starting lineup

    Head-to-head history

    Goals scored

    List of substitutes

    Suspended players

    Injured players

    Defensive or offensive style of play

    Weather conditions

    Time zone

    Team standings in the league table

    These factors are crucial. Based on this information, you may be able to make more accurate score predictions.

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    +Following Bookmaker’s Predictions

    To access the bookmaker’s prediction experience, players need to find a reputable and high-quality BOOKMAKER.

    There, you can access free FOOTBALL TIPS and learn from experienced high-stakes bettors.

    +Analyzing Match Preview

    These are data that can predict the scoring ability of both teams. The absence of strong or weak form or head-to-head history is invaluable information when betting.

    +Checking Asian Handicap Odds

    Asian handicap betting is closely related to these choices. You should check whether these odds are improving or decreasing, as well as the handicap given to both teams. This has a significant impact on your betting predictions!

    +Exploring Over/Under Betting

    Over/Under betting is also very interesting. This method is related to the score of the football match. Therefore, it becomes the basis for your selections.

    +Observing Asian Handicap Results

    We all know that Asian handicap only considers three outcomes: win, draw, or lose. So, why do we rely on Asian handicap odds when predicting the exact score of a football match? This Western betting form will give you an indication of which team is more likely to win. Thanks to this, you can choose a score that leans towards that team.

    +Referencing Forums for Experience

    Large bookmakers are always a place to discuss crucial betting experiences. Players can rely on this to gain valuable insights. These insights are not found in books, my friends!

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    In Conclusion

    Score betting is a highly effective way to play for players today.

    With the information shared in the article, I hope you will learn many skills to excel in score betting in football. Especially, don’t forget to refer to accurate football tips from bookmakers. From there, you can make more accurate score predictions for matches and easily make money from your bets.

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