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The FutureStops podcast offers an inspiring, in-depth and informative look at the present and future of the pipe organ. Our guests include world-famous organists and composers as well as lesser-known experimentalists in every corner of our world, each breaking new ground for the organ in fascinating ways.

Join host Blake Hargreaves as he unlocks the mystery of the ‘king of instruments’ on our biweekly podcast, available on all leading podcast platforms or right here on our website. Subscribe today!

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Ep.36 – FutureStops Festival!

In the final episode of Season 2 (time flies!), we share clips of 5 artists who will be performing at the 2022 FutureStops Festival in September. 

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Podcast Crew

Blake Hargreaves


Since 2016, Blake Hargreaves has been recording improvisations on the world’s pipe organs and composing original works for them. The project seeks to find new sonic and conceptual/spiritual approaches to the instrument and individual spirituality, and is depicted in the upcoming documentary Searching for the Sound. His album Improvisations on the Pipe Organs of Europe, released on Ultra Eczema in 2019, was reviewed in Boomkat as “Among the most enchanting recordings of organ music we’ve heard (…) timeless and haunting”.

Hargreaves directs the Fluorescent Friends label in Montreal, and has been the Co-Producer of the annual Cool Fest concert series since its inception in 2007. His other projects include releases on labels like Ecstatic Peace!, Olde English Spelling Bee, American Tapes, and InYrDisk, and he has been featured in publications like The Vice Photo Book and The Routledge Research Companion to Electronic Music.

Andrew O’Connor


Andrew O’Connor is an independent radio producer, and sound artist based in Toronto. His work reflects an interest in sound, storytelling, and transmission, and explores these ideas through formal broadcast radio as well as installation art, sound design, and pirate radio.

Andrew’s work has been featured across the CBC Radio network, syndicated internationally as well as featured in the Radiophrenia Festival at the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art, and the Third Coast Filmless Festival at the Musuem of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Andrew currently hosts and produces a weekly pirate radio show called DISCO 3000 on his long running, clandestine radio project Parkdale Pirate Radio.

Sanjay Parker

Social Media Marketer & Event Coordinator

Sanjay Parker has been producing creative content since 2013, for festivals such as the Toronto Fringe Festival, TEDxToronto, and the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, and for digital agencies such as CBC Docs, the AUDL, and WeAre1188. You can find out more about him at www.sanjayparker.com. Sanjay is the face behind the scenes of FutureStops’ social media and public outreach.

Elizabeth Shannon

Executive Producer

Elizabeth Shannon is a senior arts manager with over 20 years of experience whose expertise includes strategic planning, development, project management, communications, and advocacy. Elizabeth is the Executive Director of the Royal Canadian College of Organists and is the Project Manager for the FutureStops initiative. She has also served as the Executive Director of Choirs Ontario and was on the Board of Choral Canada, where she helped restructure and rebrand that organization from an association of choral conductors to a thriving nation-wide choral community.

In addition to her work with the RCCO, Elizabeth is also an active musician and is currently the Choir Director of the Massey College Choir at the University of Toronto.

Meet Some Of Our Podcast Guests