A multi-faceted project designed to revitalize the organ for the 21st century.

  • Exploring and celebrating a wide range of contemporary approaches to the organ.
  • Building a community of contemporary organ enthusiasts who value artistic innovation, diversity and community engagement as keys to the 21st century organ experience.
  • Proactively cultivating newer, younger and more diverse audiences for contemporary organ music.

FutureStops Podcast

Join host Blake Hargreaves for a series of deep dives into the present and future of the pipe organ. Our guests include world-famous organists, performers, composers and organ makers as well as lesser-known experimentalists from every corner of the globe, each breaking new ground for the organ in unique ways.

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Discuss all things organ with enthusiasts from around the world! Post upcoming events, recordings, reviews and more! Our new community for contemporary organists is 100% free and features a database of Canada’s amazing organs as well as advanced features such as tools for members to offer and manage online workshops. Create your profile and start connecting today!

Festival Recap

Take a look at a summary of our 2022 event!

Our Mission

FutureStops connects and celebrates innovative musicians, composers, craftspersons, educators, and others creating new organ music experiences for the music lovers of today and tomorrow.

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