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  • How to play the “Total Bookings” bet in detail

    Posted by macgai on April 25, 2023 at 1:59 am

    The “Total Bookings” bet is currently very popular among bettors. In addition, this form of betting offers a variety of odds to meet the needs of players. To better understand this type of betting, Wintips will explain it to you today.

    Total Bookings Bet

    First of all, to understand how to play the “Total Bookings” bet, you need to know what it means. The “Total Bookings” bet, also known as the “Yellow Card” or “Red Card” bet, is based on the number of yellow and red cards that will appear in a football match. When playing this bet, you do not need to care about the total number of goals or the result of the match.

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    Asian Handicap Total Bookings

    The Asian Handicap Total Bookings is similar to the Asian Handicap bet. It is divided into two teams, the upper team and the lower team. When playing this bet, you only need to compare the total number of cards between the two teams. You will know the final result of the Total Bookings bet when the match ends. The Total Bookings bet can also be divided into the first half, second half, and full match.

    Yellow Card and Red Card Handicap Bet

    Before each match, the bookmaker will provide the handicap odds, and these odds will be updated on the website during the match. Therefore, you should follow the changes in these odds when betting. The points for yellow and red cards are converted as follows: one point for a yellow card and two points for a red card. The total number of yellow and red cards will be calculated for the whole match and the field.

    For example, in a match between Chelsea and Arsenal, if a player of Arsenal receives one yellow card and then receives another yellow card that becomes a red card a few minutes later, the points will be calculated as follows: the player has received one yellow card and one red card, so the total points will be three. If a Chelsea player receives a red card, he will be counted as two points, and if he receives a yellow card, he will be counted as one point.

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    Over/Under cards betting

    Regarding card betting, the over/under cards betting is the most popular and interesting among people. Over/under cards betting is similar to over/under goals betting. Instead of predicting the total number of goals scored, you only need to predict the total number of cards that will be given in a match.

    For example, the bookmaker sets the card limit at 5 cards for the match between Vietnam and Thailand. If the two teams finish the match with no more than 4 cards, and you bet on under, then you win the bet. If the match ends with more than 5 cards, and you bet on over, then you win the bet. If the match ends with exactly 5 cards, then your bet will be refunded.

    Nowadays, you can place over/under cards bets for either the first or second half of the match, which meets the needs of those who want to know the result early instead of waiting until the end of the match.

    Other card bets

    In addition to the two common types of card bets mentioned above, bookmakers also offer many other betting options for players to choose from:

    Predicting the last card to be drawn for which team.

    Predicting the first card to be given to which team.

    Predicting which player will receive the first card.

    Predicting at what minute the referee will give the card.

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    In general, card betting is simple and diverse, making it quite interesting. Therefore, occasionally, you can choose to play this type of betting to change the atmosphere. Finally, Wintips wishes you to make wise decisions and win many bets.

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